This “Saturday Night Live” sketch addressed something that superhero movies always ignore

Last week, Saturday Night Live gave us Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer in the best way possible. The week before that, we got a musical Chris Pine where he sang in almost every sketch, and then we got a reboot of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

So what did we get this week that we’re going to be talking about for weeks to come? Well, that’s this sketch about a superhero creating his costume. Here’s the thing: does every superhero buy their suits or what? Granted, we don’t need a superhero costume scene in every movie but really only Iron-Man and the Amazing Spider-Man showed us anything about their looks.

Well, meet Scorpio, who has more than one set of skills.

That’s right, Scorpio (or Steve) is so good at creating his superhero look that he makes a bridal line and even more. Basically, Steve becomes Scorpio and makes his costume in a night. His friends are amazed at how great it looks and convince him that he needs to make more clothing for them.

So, he ignores his superhero duties to make a clothing line that would make even Vera Wang jealous.

Honestly, it is just a fun Saturday Night Live sketch that shows us a side to superheroes we never really get to see. We see them creating their costumes sometimes but really, how do they know how to do it? Do all superheroes have to know how to sew in order to be a superhero? Is it like a weird superhero code thing?

How does Spider-Man, a high school kid, suddenly know how to create a spandex costume? Is he taking home ec??

We may never know the origin story of their looks but at least now Saturday Night Live  gave us one possible version! And don’t ask him to put a scorpion on his chest, he won’t like that. It’s not like you put your name across your chest. Right, Sue?

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