“Saturday Night Live” has some ideas for new E! reality shows and, TBH, we’d totally watch some of these

Gal Gadot hosted Saturday Night Live last night, and after the week we had it was a stunning and important episode. Jason Aldean opened the show with a tribute to Las Vegas victims. Weekend Update also talked about Las Vegas, taking on the gun control debate in a scathing new sketch. And, luckily, there were some light moments too to help us take a break from everything going on. Between playing Wonder Woman and making out with Kate McKinnon, our favorite superhero also found time to perform an amazing Kendall Jenner impression. And Gal Gadot did not disappoint!

While Saturday Night Live started off on a bit a somber note, it also had us seriously cracking up.

It ended up being what we really needed in this trying time. And it helped that there was this sketch of Gal as Kendall Jenner being lost in a closet week after week. The set up is simple: It’s basically introduce the “new” fall line up for E! And we have to admit — we’re pretty into the idea of some of these fake shows. Like, we’d definitely watch thirty minutes of Kanye West trying to avoid being caught on camera. Check it out.


The best part of the entire sketch was just Gal walking into the mirror and seeing herself. And like the sketch said, sometimes you just need a reality TV to turn your brain off — or a little harmless fun from SNL. This sketch gave us Gal Gigi Hadid, Gal Kendall Jenner, and the idea of an entire terrifying network where it is just show after show from the Kris Jenner empire.

Who knows, we might not be that far from it happening. But it would be great if we got Gal Gadot to star in all of them!