There’s one “Saturday Night Live” cast member John Cena *doesn’t* want to mess with

Saturday Night Live has been having a really great season this year. We’re sure this weekend’s edition of SNL, hosted by John Cena, will be equally funny. After all, Cena was super funny in movies like Trainwreck and Sisters. Plus, this season of SNL has boasted some incredible moments, like Tom Hank hosting with Lady Gaga as musical guest, and the spoof of the second presidential debate.

Cena will host the iconic comedy show for the first time this weekend – but probably not for the last We’re not psychics or anything, but we think he’ll be HILARIOUS).

In the promo for his episode, the WWE star looks like he’s gearing up for a match. Incidentally, he seems to have done a lot of super-charged promos with the WWE, because he is a pro at this. He even bursts through a banner that says “Saturday Night Live.” Then, Cena holds a wrestling-style belt (big, gaudy) bearing “SNL” and says, “I’m gonna destroy the SNL cast.”

We know they’re comedians, but that seems a little presumptuous. After all, the cast of Saturday Night Live seems like a scrappy bunch. Luckily, though, Cena comes to his senses – sort of.

After Cena vows to destroy the cast, he says, “Except for Leslie – I don’t want any trouble. I think you’re great; that wasn’t meant for you.”

Honestly, we think that’s a really good call. After all, we think Leslie Jones is great. We know John Cena is a professional wrestler, but we *feel* like Leslie could take him. So, it was probably wise for him to make it clear that he has no issue with her.

We’ll have to wait and see whether Cena will really take on the SNL cast. Either way, we’re confident the comedy will slay.

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