We kind of need “Saturday Night Live” to make their dessert themed game show a real thing

Dear Saturday Night Live, please make a spin-off show that is solely Melissa McCarthy being a game show loser. Even better if this new show could please center around dessert themed consequences, just like the sketch itself. A surprise to literally no one, the Ghostbusters star knocked her 5th SNL guest appearance out of the park last night. Among the hilarity was a game-show sketch called “Just Desserts” that showcased Melissa’s  masterful physical comedy skills.

If you haven’t seen this sketch, let’s get you caught up.


Out of the gate, it’s a cast of all-stars, with Kate McKinnon and Bobby Moynihan as the other contestants, and Mikey Day as the host. Day explains the rules of the game. Pretty simple: land on cash win money, land on a pie or cake and you’ll be in a “sticky situation.” Predictably, the game doesn’t go well for Melissa.

But man does it go well for the viewer! “Sticky situation” means a pie or cake to the face.

This is a comedy trope that has been around for centuries but remains to be hysterical.

It’s particularly funny if Melissa McCarthy is the target. In the middle of the game, the host asks the “stay at home mother of none” what she thinks is “tripping her up.”

Melissa enthusiastically answers, "I could not see, hear, and for the most part could not breathe. Yeah, the pies got me!"

The thing that makes this so hilarious is Melissa unrelenting hopeful disposition and eagerness to continue. As the game ends, Melissa opts for the cleanup option, which means high-pressure water to the face. She laps up both the water and the laughs to perfection.

This sketch made us fondly remember the last time things got messy for Melissa on SNL.

While were marveling in her physical comedy, here’s a look back at her focus group sketch for Hidden Valley Ranch.


The woman is a genius. Cake, pies, ranch…you name it, Melissa McCarthy can have us crying with laughter from literally anything.

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