This “satin hamburger heart robe” is the only thing you need to gift yourself this Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re single, crazy in love, or just enjoying a little somethin’ on the side, Valentine’s Day presents an annual opportunity to gift yourself something special. This year, we’d like to formally recommend that your V-Day gift to self be this satin hamburger heart robe from Opening Ceremony — because it’s a freaking satin *hamburger heart* robe, y’all.

Part of Opening Ceremony’s Valentine’s Day collection, the satin robe boasts “the classic cheeseburger in a heart shape, complete with a speckled sesame bun.”

This item has the words “must-have” written all over it, amirite?

Your new favorite Valentine’s Day robe comes in a soft pink, natch.


Get a closer look at that burger.


So charming, so delightful — so delicious!

AND! If pink isn’t your thing, it also comes in blue…


…and black!


For the goth-burgers among us.

The robe retails for $55 and it’s available now from Opening CeremonyAnd, if that wasn’t enough, there are also bleeding rose and heart pizza robes available, along with a heart burger T-shirt and a waffle-material heart burger robe for all those who reject satin (or just want to be hella warm and cozy).

We actually really dig everything in the Opening Ceremony Valentine’s Day collection — it includes tons of velvet and a pair of marabou feather-embellished slides! — so if you’re really ready to treat yo’ self, this might be your #1 opportunity.

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