Miss Piggy, your life hero, DGAF about the cancellation of “The Muppets”

Right now, it’s a very sad time for television. All your favorite shows are being canceled, and everything is the worst. That show you’ve really loved for eight seasons? Gone. That show you’ve loved since last September? G-O-N-E.

Stars have taken to Twitter to voice their sadness and frustration over the loss of their latest TV venture. A lot of stars have gotten snippy about the cancelation of their shows. And then there’s Miss Piggy.

Miss Piggy, that strong, powerful, badass woman pig, is not going to let anything rain on her parade, not even after the cancelation of her latest TV show. The Muppets found itself on the TV chopping block yesterday, and it will not not be back for Season 2. You might care about this. You might care deeply about this. But Miss Piggy DGAF.

Since we live in a world where The Muppets have verified Twitter accounts, our favorite diva took to the site to share her short and succinct thoughts about The Muppets. Basically, she’s looking at the silver lining: Yeah, her show was canceled, but listen, she’s going to be fine. false

Miss Piggy, saucy till the very end. She’s probably sitting by the phone right now, waiting for her next project to come rolling in.

The other Muppets — seriously, they all have Twitters — were less sassy when it came time to mourn the loss of their show. false false false

These dude Muppets need to take a page out of Piggy’s book. We all do.