Watch Sasheer Zamata perfectly explain why women’s rights are a BFD

We already know Sasheer Zamata is wonderful from watching her work on Saturday Night Live, but now she’s putting her acting and comedy chops towards a great cause. She’s the new ACLU celebrity ambassador for women’s rights, and she made a hilarious but poignant video to illustrate why it’s so necessary.

The ACLU Women’s Rights Project was started way back in 1972 with the help of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. So what does an ambassador do? Here’s how the ACLU explains it:

We can already tell Sasheer is going to be amazing at it, because her first video for the organization is as clever as it is important, pointing out not just gender inequality, but also inequality when it comes to race and inequality within feminism. For instance, when her male friend says he’s a feminist, he’s showered with praise. When she does, a bystander responds, “With that shirt?”

There are some other great moments, like pointing out the race and gender problem in TV casting, as well as the totally different experience a white man has walking down the street compared to a black woman.

The video is lighthearted, but it also manages to address some crucial topics with razor-sharp clarity. Sasheer is the perfect choice for this role, and we can’t wait to see what else she creates in order to spark change.

Now check out the video:

(Image via YouTube)

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