Sasha Obama was spotted casually hanging out with Cardi B, and we have serious friendship envy

Sasha Obama’s dad may not be the president anymore, but her life still comes with a ton of perks, like getting to hang with rapper Cardi B. The internet collectively shrieked with jealousy when they saw these photos of Sasha, Cardi B, and Cardi’s fiancé Offset hanging out backstage at Broccoli City Festival like they’re all old friends.

Cardi was one of the headliners at the D.C.-based Broccoli City Festival (yes, that’s its real name), which explains 16-year-old Sasha’s appearance, seeing as she still lives in D.C. with her family.

If you didn’t get a chance to read Cardi B’s illuminating GQ interview, she has a passion for U.S. History, specifically U.S. presidents — so we’re guessing that this meet-up was extra exciting for her. After the photo-op, Cardi took the opportunity to give a shoutout to Sasha’s dad, tweeting, “Obama did enough for this country and let’s not forget! he did it while the house was Republican.”

The internet is mostly reacting to the rare sighting of Sasha, who isn’t on social media and lives a pretty low-profile life because, you know, she’s just a regular high school kid now. Since the Sasha-Cardi collide, the internet has decided that it now stans for Sasha.

This is historic because it’s also Cardi B’s last performance before she gives birth. Cardi B announced in an Instagram video on April 26th that Broccoli City Festival would be her “last performance for a little while,” though she confirmed that she’ll be back for the Bruno Mars tour, which resumes in September 2018.

A hang sesh with an Obama on your final performance before maternity leave? What a way to go out.

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