Sasha Grey and the NSA are Hot for Your Private Conversations

Mmm, baby. Hungry for a little late-night pillow talk? Well look no further than the NSA. Pornstar Sasha Grey wants YOU to join the no-pants party with “the naughtiest ingoing and outgoing conversations” as a contractor for the government’s hottest under-fire agency.

In a mock phonesex commercial from Funny or Die, where NSA stands for “No Strings Attached,” Grey gives her best bedroom eyes while dudes in suits rub their nipples and listen in on conversations corralled from every major tech hub. But don’t worry, it’s “100% authorized by the US Patriot Act.” The parody video puts the NSA (National Security Agency) on blast for their warrantless snooping, an issue that has a lot of people wondering exactly how real Big Brother really is.

Funny or Die nails the absurdity nature of the seemingly limitless invasion of privacy, and while Grey’s sultry sex-talk is laughable, the actual details of the scandal are far from funny.

Featured image via Funny or Die