Sarah Slamen Slams Texas Lawmakers: “Women and Their Allies Are Coming For You”

Judge Judy ain’t got nothin’ on Sarah Slamen. The 28-year-old pro-choice activist spoke before the Texas state legislature Monday night to debate the abominable anti-abortion bill that’s been causing a major ruckus. This is the same bill, by the way, that Wendy Davis successfully halted less than two weeks ago with her 13-hour filibuster.

Slamen threw down the gavel, refusing to tolerate the blatant discrimination from the proposed measures that would forcibly allow lawmakers inside the bodies of Texas women. And right when she puts Senator Donna Campbell on blast for being an ophthalmologist, not a women’s health specialist as previously characterized, right when she’s giving it to them good for “working against us women publicly, and not in the shadows” like they’re used to, she is interrupted, spoken over and forcibly removed from the room by four — yes, FOUR — state troopers.

Watch it all go down below.

Sadly and as expected, the bill was passed and could soon be signed into law by Texas Governor Rick Perry unless state Democrats can “slow the bill down, attract as much attention as possible and lay the groundwork for a federal lawsuit to block it once it becomes law.”

That means mobilize.

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