Sarah Silverman’s Advice On Loving Your Body Is Perfection

Sarah Silverman is laugh-until-your-gut-hurts funny. And brilliant and irreverent and awesome. She’s also honest, insightful and blunt. So when she dispenses advice about anything, we definitely stop and listen.

In a recent article for Glamour, Silverman shared some of her ‘Dos and Don’ts for Being an Actual Full-Grown Woman.’ Though written humorously, each tip contains real insight and wisdom about everything from dating to money baggage.  But what she had to say about self-esteem and body image is especially cool.  Here’s her totally non-cheesy advice on loving yourself.

Don’t talk sh-t about yourself: You’ll start to believe it. Instead of droning on and on about how the tops of your strong, working thighs touch, why don’t you ask your friends how they’re doing, huh?

Don’t hate on your grown-ass skin: I know, aging is like a really slow-moving horror movie, especially for women. But the lines on our faces are valuable. When I see people with fillers or weirdo stretched-out faces, I’m like, You look crazy. (Except Jennifer Aniston. I don’t know what she does, but she looks f–king great!) Your skin is gonna change. Mine is changing now. It’s getting looser. It’s how it is, OK?”

Do be nice to yourself: I’ve caught myself feeling utter disgust looking at myself naked, and then I realized: If I was someone else, I would think, She’s beautiful and strong! If we were half as nice to ourselves as we are to any f–king stranger on the street, we’d be winning.

Yes, Sarah Silverman! Yes! Preach! Read the rest of her tips here.

Image via Glamour

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