Sarah Silverman’s empowering advice about how to make a difference is exactly what we needed to hear

Sarah Silverman is telling us what we need to hear. In a recent video, she talks about how she took control of her money and put it in a credit union. This might seem like a small action, but it’s a really big deal.

Sarah Silverman explains that banks use our money to invest in different projects that we not agree with – like the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Banks can use our money for whatever they want, and we don’t have control over what they do. But we can move our money so banks can’t use it. And why we might want to move our money to, say, a credit union is what she explains here.

She says, "A credit union is a bank. But it is not-for-profit. And once you put you're money in it you are a part owner".

Silverman explains that once you put your money in a credit union, you have a say in what they do with your money.

Plus, they aren’t charging fees for little things like bigger banks, which is definitely a big plus. You also can get loans and use ATMs, so you aren’t missing out on any conveniences. Since you have control over your money, the credit unions can’t invest in projects like the pipeline without your consent. So you can keep your money away from projects that don’t sync up with your moral compass.

And when you move your money, that means there is less money going to things like oil pipelines.

She goes onto explain how big of a player money is in political decisions. And she makes it clear how and why we have the ability to make positive impacts with our own financial decisions.

It’s great to hear about a way to be empowered and make a difference. Money talks, and it’s great that Sarah Silverman is giving us a way to make a power statement with our cash.

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