Sarah Silverman just had a day-long pants nightmare, and we can all relate

Sarah Silverman is known for her sharp quips and jaw-dropping one-liners. She’s also unafraid to share the sometimes embarrassing and sometimes difficult things that befall her. Take for example, her recent day-long pants nightmare where she realized there was an unidentified object in her pant leg. Her reaction made us laugh out loud.   You know why? Because we have all been there!

And yeah – we sort of love Sarah Silverman for filming it.

In the Twitter video, you can see Sarah point to a mysterious lump on the inside of her pants. It kinda looks like her knee grew another knee. Apparently, she had been sitting all day and was just noticing a small, protruding bulge in her jeans. Of course, there are other people around when she makes this unpleasant sighting. You can hear their voices in the background.

Witness it for yourself:

Oh man, we hate it when that happens!

In the video, we actually see Sarah get up, unzip her jeans and reach down the side of her leg to retrieve it. Of course, she couldn’t complete the task without getting in a few sarcastic quips and guesses. Could it be a pair of socks? Or underwear? We’re hoping it’s a forgotten wad of hundred-dollar bills.  Can everyone say “in your dreams?”

So, what strange goody does she actually pull out of her jeans?

None other than… a gray thong!   Sarah Silverman immediately balls up the undergarment and tells the camera she’s embarrassed.

It’s alright, Sarah. We know how you feel. When it happened to us, we hid our faces and scurried to the bathroom to text and commiserate with our best girlfriends about it. The fact that Sarah filmed it and shared it with 10.7 million Twitter followers is the very reason we salute this funny lady.  Thank you for keeping it real and showing us how an uncomfortable discovery can be comedy gold.

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