Sarah Silverman joked that the “world is basically over” at the 2018 Grammys, and we’re laugh-crying

Sarah Silverman is no stranger to telling it like it is. And Silverman’s quick joke at the 2018 Grammy Awards was one of the highlights of the evening (and that’s saying something, because there were many great moments).

Similar to Natalie Portman’s jab at the Golden Globes, in which she slyly emphasized that the Best Director nominees were all men, Silverman’s comment was easy to miss. It happened when she and football player Victor Cruz took the stage to introduce Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi.

“Victor and I are presenting for a very important reason,” Silverman said. “To encourage you all to vote.” Cruz then clarified that they were not, in fact, there for that reason, to which Silverman said,

"Yeah, no, we're kidding, we're totally kidding. Do what you want to do it's no big deal. The world is basically over anyway."

Dark. But also, LOL. Leave it to Sarah Silverman to make us laugh even when things seem dire.

Silverman often uses her public platform to voice her political opinions and promote positive social change, so we’re not exactly surprised that she took this opportunity to make a particularly topical joke. Her Hulu show, I Love You, America, focusses on the current political divide in our country — and it’s all about trying to foster a sense of understanding and unity.

Silverman was also in attendance because she was a nominee for Best Comedy Album (NBD), though the Grammy went to Dave Chapelle. And she poked fun at her loss in the most Sarah Silverman way ever.

While Silverman technically didn’t take home a trophy, she definitely made us laugh. And tbh, we needed it.

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