Sarah Paulson compared acting on Ryan Murphy’s shows to being faithful to your spouse

When you think of Ryan Murphy and his collection of television shows, one of the first names that pops into your head after American Horror Story is Sarah Paulson. Muphy’s shows skyrocketed Paulson into the cultural consciousness and made us all aware of her brilliant talent. However, don’t expect Paulson to star in a Netflix series or come to ABC this fall, the actress says she’s firmly on the Murphy boat and ain’t ever jumping off.

Paulson has appeared in every season of American Horror Story, she starred in The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, she was on an episode of Feud, and she’s starring in Murphy’s upcoming show Ratched. 

"There are great creators out there, absolutely, but I have found a home in the sense that I work for a person who sees me completely, knows my strengths and weaknesses, knows how to push me and keeps throwing me the ball, Paulson told Adweek. “Why would you leave something that works? This idea of jumping off one thing just to be available in case something great comes by, that’s like leaving your wonderful mate because you think maybe someone more interesting is out there.

We never thought of someone’s acting career like a serious relationship. Paulson has found a great marriage with Ryan Murphy Productions and she thinks working on another show is akin to when a couple says they are “taking a break”  — and we know how that usually ends.

However, Paulson did say she’s not saying “no” to an ad campaign. Jennifer Lawrence has Dior, Jennifer Aniston has Smart Water and Aveeno, Selena Gomez has Coach — Paulson says she would 100% throw her name into the #ad mix.

I would absolutely do it,” Paulson says when asked if she’d endorse a brand. “Certainly for products I actually use. I’m a Neutrogena makeup wipes gal, and every time I use them I go, ‘Do I need to call someone and tell them?’”

Paulson’s got a good thing going with the Murphy team, but hey, someone throw our gal some #SponsoredContent will ya?

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