Sarah Paulson wrote lyrics for Rihanna (and sang them to her in person), so let’s make this duet happen

The more we learn about Ocean’s 8 and its stars, the more we look forward to seeing the movie. In a May 14th appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Sarah Paulson opened up about some of the antics that took place during the filming of Ocean’s 8including how she got to know Rihanna — and it involves singing.

Paulson told DeGeneres that she felt like she’d built a friendship with Rihanna but admitted that she was initially a little starstruck around the pop star. The American Horror Story star said that it was a “daily struggle to not embarrass myself” because whenever she was around Rihanna, she couldn’t help but sing her biggest hits like the 2016 earworm “Work.” She said with self-deprecating humor that it was “not good,” and that some of her costars even told her to relax.

“It’s just deeply nerdy,” she confessed, “and [Sandra Bullock] would just constantly look at me and be like ‘Hey, dial it down. Just stop.’”

To cope with her nerves, Paulson said that she would perform goofy songs she made up on the spot for Rihanna, who, despite throwing the occasional side eye, would offer her costar some tips.

“She thought my lyrics weren’t so bad, but my melody was terrible,” Paulson joked.

But it seems that Paulson and Rihanna did manage to strike up a friendship. The actress told DeGeneres that the two hung out at the 2018 Met Gala, (where Rihanna wowed in a pope-inspired dress). She said that they had fun watching Madonna perform, and joked that she and the singer had become best friends.

Paulson’s latest interview makes us wish we could have witnessed all backstage fun that took place while making Ocean’s 8. We can’t wait to see Paulson and Rihanna, along with their other brilliant cast members, in this upcoming film.

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