Sarah Paulson was really disappointed she didn’t get to do this one thing during “American Horror Story: Roanoke”

Lara Winters is one of the most interesting characters in the American Horror Story universe (which says a whole lot considering we’ve got conjoined twins and murderous ghosts). There’s no one who can tackle her complexities like Sarah Paulson, but even Paulson was disappointed with how Winters was portrayed in Season 6.

You may remember Winters from Asylum, when she was locked up inside of Briarcliff Mental Institution for trying to solve the mystery of the killer Bloody Face. She returned, years older, in Roanoke. Though Paulson loves playing the character, she was actually pretty disappointed with Winters’ return to the series. In a recent interview with GoldDerby, Paulson admitted that she was upset that we’ve never gotten to see Lana Winters’ home life. There’s so much of her character that remains unexplored.

"We always talked about [it] on the set during Season 2," she said of Lana Winters' backstory. "We could have done a whole season of Lana Winters in the '70s, like reporter Lana Winters, like running around with her...ponytails and her fur coats and things. The glamour of all of that."

Unfortunately, though they may have talked about it during Season 2, Lana’s part in Season 6 was rather small.

"I was playing Lana but it wasn't about Lana and Lana's tragedy and where Lana had been, arrived and landed, at this point in her life, which was obviously five years after the last time we saw Lana. I just, you know, I would have loved to have seen Lana at home and you know. I wanted it to be more, but I was really there to serve a story for Adina's character."

But, there was one thing Paulson was looking forward to doing that just didn’t happen: She wanted to walk around.

"I didn't get to stand and walk around very much, and one of my favorite things to do in Season 2 was all that walking I go to do before Dylan Mcdermott appeared, and it was so wonderful to try and inhabit that physical body of a much older person. It made me really feel like I was older, an I didn't get to do that and that was really disappointing because it was so fun."

Well, there’s always next season for more walking. AHS is no stranger to surprises, and if Lana Winters’ return was a major shock in Season 6, who’s to say she wont pop back up in Season 7. Sarah Paulson has been tight-lipped about her role, but Season 7 is rumored to be set during the 2016 presidential race. What better place for a reporter?