Sarah Paulson Will Throw Down Against “Ageist” Critiques of Her Girlfriend

She's ready to "cut" anyone who is "disrespectful and cruel" to Holland Taylor.

Sarah Paulson isn’t about to take critique of her relationship’s age gap lying down. The Ratched and American Horror Story star talked to Bad Feminist writer Roxane Gay about her nearly 6-year relationship with Holland Taylor, another Ryan Murphy favorite, and how she will “cut” any naysayers that their relationship is problematic because of their 32-year age difference.

In an interview for October’s Harper’s Bazaar, Paulson didn’t mince any words about how she felt about critics of the age gap.

“Anybody says anything about any person I love in a way that is disrespectful or cruel and I want to cut a bitch, Paulson told Gay.

Paulson, 45, and Taylor, 77, are on the precipice of their sixth anniversary. The pair both have homes in Los Angeles and switch off between them every few days. They prefer to keep their relationship private—however, that’s something Paulson has found great difficulty with, being a public figure in a relationship.

“To feel that I belong to anyone other than a person I would like to belong to, like Holland or my dog or my best friend or my sister…a bunch of strangers claiming me as their own feels a little confusing,” she told Gay. “Since I’m not an expert at figuring out how to move around it, I end up giving more than I want to sometimes.”

When Gay asked Paulson why she thinks people are so fascinated by the 32 years between herself and Taylor, she said it likely has to do with our “unwillingness to confront our own mortality,” as Gay writes, and the wonderment also reflects “our own ageist thinking and the idea that to be old is to cease to have any desire.”

Luckily, Paulson confirmed that most feedback about her relationship is positive. But when the ugly words come out, Paulson has a hard time holding back the fight in her.

When you look at Paulson and Taylor’s relationship through the lens as “just two people in love,” there’s really nothing controversial about it. Two soulmates who found each other, no matter their point in adulthood, is a wonderful thing, and therefore, sending positive energy is the only appropriate response.