This is the weirdest thing Sarah Paulson has done on “American Horror Story,” and it’s nothing we expected

Sarah Paulson is (FINALLY) an Emmy winning actress who consistently blows us away on American Horror Story. The variety of characters she has played on the show is seriously staggering, and every new season we look forward to seeing what inventive spin she’s going to put on her next character. This season of American Horror Story is called My Roanoke Nightmare, and Sarah Paulson is playing an actress playing Lily Rabe’s Shelby Miller. She recently told EW that this role is the weirdest thing she’s done for AHS, and since she’s played conjoined twins, we were curious about the specifics of that. But the answer isn’t what you’d expect.


“She's a yoga gal. She's an All-American sweetheart. That, in and of itself in the world that I've been living in, is an oddity. There's nothing extreme about her except for the situation that she's in, so that is weirdly the weirdest thing I've ever done on American Horror Story.


So basically, her character is weird to her because she’s… not weird? Nope, sorry, not buying it. Not only are we predisposed to believe nothing she says about a show that’s so tight-lipped about its spoilers, but we sort of feel like Paulson is leading us down the wrong path here. Her character can’t possibly just be a normal woman… right?

Add to that the fact that we’ve already been told to wait for episode six for a big reveal, we’ve got to say, much love to Sarah Paulson, but we’re calling BULL.