Sarah Michelle Gellar and Lin-Manuel Miranda had an entire conversation in “Buffy” GIFs and you must see it all

The cast of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer reunited this week for their 20th anniversary, and every fan predictably freaked out. It was so amazing to see the Scoobie gang back together again after all these years. Add to that the incredibly cool photos from their EW cover shoot and the internet was understandable beside themselves.

However there was one admirer that beat everyone to the punch. Little did we realize, but Lin Manuel Miranda is a huge Buffy fan. As if that weren’t amazing enough, he initiated a gif conversation with Sarah Michelle Gellar over the reunion news, and it’s as adorable as it sounds.

It all started when Gellar posted her amazing cover from EW.

This cover and tweet were so awesome, and what Buffy fans have been waiting twenty years to see. It was so great, Lin Manuel Miranda had to say something. And how better to express your feelings than through gifs?

His reply was so perfect, but what followed next was even more spectacular: Gellar responded.

The answer is duh, we all missed Buffy. But we digress.

Here’s where this gif conversation gets super adorkable. Miranda backpedals and apologizes. With another Buffy gif, of course.

Then Gellar replies again, this time with a gif of Lin Manuel Miranda. The tables have turned, and we’re guessing she’s a fan of his too.

Then Miranda pays her a compliment with this gif of Gellar and James Marsters as Spike. We get it! Buffy was either your crush or you wanted to be her. There really isn’t much of an in-between because she was just that awesome.

Gellar takes it in stride with a glamorous gif of her with a box of frozen pizza.

Miranda replies with a bashful gif of him laughing. (Also can we pause and imagine how awesome it must be able to have a gif conversation with gifs of yourself)?

Gellar, like us, is maybe a little confused with where this gif conversation is going. She opts to end it on the pure friendship of Buffy and Willow, best friends for life.

Miranda replies with a kind of confusing Buffy gif. Is he saying they’ll never not talk again, or never talk again? There are way too many double negatives.

Like all great conversations, a gif conversation must also come to an end. When it has to end, it’s best to end on a positive note. Which we have to say Gellar and Miranda pulled off perfectly.

So thank you to both Gellar and Miranda. We loved seeing your adorable gif conversation. Here’s to hoping this is the beginning of a beautiful, viral, Twitter friendship.