Sarah Michelle Gellar just shared the most precious news about her and Freddie Prinze Jr.’s daughter

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr.’s 7-year-old daughter Charlotte is following in the footsteps of her actor parents. Not only has she joined a local musical theatre program for kids, but she also landed the starring role!

Charlotte will be playing Simba in the theatre’s production of The Lion King! Simba is a huge role to take on for such a young kid, but since performing runs in her blood, we’re certain she will nail it.

To share her pride, Gellar posted the sweetest message about her daughter’s big role alongside an adorable picture of her studying her lines:

"So no matter how hard we have tried (and believe me we have tried) to convince our daughter to find any hobby but performing, she has shown a great love (and talent) for being on the stage (wonder where she gets that from? 😂😂) She decided to join a musical theatre program for kids from 6-12 and be part of their production of The Lion King. We tried to prepare her, that as she is one of the youngest, she would probably only have a small role....but nope... meet baby Simba. Although that said, it was pretty amazing to see her studying her script, using @realfreddieprinze script binder. #imintrouble #ijustcantwaittobeking"

(We are gushing at the fact that she used her dad’s script binder!)

It’s always a relief for parents when their kids find a hobby they love, but when that hobby also happens to involve the profession of the parents, it’s probably that much more of a beautiful thing.

Break a leg, Charlotte! You’re going to be a mighty king!

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