The Sarah Michelle Gellar “Elf on the Shelf” saga is continuing and we are seriously cracking up

Sarah Michelle Gellar has been on a roll with her Christmas spirit. Earlier this holiday season, the Buffy the Vampire Slayer starlet won our hearts when she started posting ridiculous pictures of her “Elf on the Shelf” dolls. Well, Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Elf on the Shelf saga continues to make us laugh!

Last year, Gellar’s Elf on the Shelf buddies got into some silly situations. And last week we updated you on Gellar’s elf friends’ first appearances of the year.

It seems those pesky elves are still being their troublesome selves if SMG’s Instagram account is to be believed. Let’s see what kind of silly nonsense Santa’s little helpers have gotten into now!

Sarah Michelle Gellar shares the elves latest misadventures on her Instagram page.

When we last left the elves, they were reenacting The Bachelor.

After their forays into television, the two got a taste for stardom… and yearned for the Hollywood dream.

We love their very “to-the-point” names.

Next, the elves saw some sparkles and were, of course, instantly intrigued. While Sarah Michelle Gellar laughs it off, we all know diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Next, the elves and their fellow toy friends totally won the mannequin challenge.

Things took a dark turn when the holiday creatures appeared on To Catch A Predator: North Pole. (We’d watch that show.)

Next, Sarah Michelle Gellar let us in on a little-known-fact: the elves were part of #dubnation!

Even elves have to eat! Also, that tiny kitchen is so adorable. We wants it. We wants it now.

Last but not least (and hopefully not actually last), the elves showed their true selves to be… MERMAIDS.

We just want to know if Sarah Michelle Gellar knit those sweet mermaid tails on her own! And now we know, if there’s one celebrity to follow on social media during the holidays, it’s Sarah Michelle Gellar.