Sarah Michelle Gellar describing the plot of her movies in just five words is hilariously impressive

What’s better than discovering a new social media trend? When celebrities get involved — that’s what! The #DescribeAMoviesPlotIn5Words hashtag on Twitter went a’blazing yesterday, and was crazy hilarious. Many tried their hardest to describe their favorite — or not so favorite — movie’s plots with just five words, some more successful than others. And if we’re being totally honest, it was a lot harder than it looked!

Our fave ’90s queen Sarah Michelle Gellar decided to join in the fun, and completely blew us away with how on point she was! She tried her hand at describing Cruel Intentions and also her 2002 film Scooby-Doo, and if you ask us, she totally had some of the best zingers we saw online.

Checkout a few of Sarah’s tweets, describing the plot to her own movies, below!

And then these had us crying funny tears!

She’s seriously so hilarious! And, we just love it when our fave celebs join in on the fun.

But, Sarah wasn’t the only one with the awesome one-liners yesterday. The regular folk had some pretty witty ways of describing plots to movies as well!



Yeah, this hashtag was definitely a hit. We can’t wait for the next one to sweep the nation. Maybe a go at naming all of the movies that are exactly the same, just with different titles? But, with a totally more clever hashtag than that, of course ?