We can’t tell if this is Sarah Michelle Gellar or her daughter in this #fbf

Oh, Instagram. How we love thee, especially on Fridays, because it’s Flashback Friday! Today’s winning #fbf is Sarah Michelle Gellar’s post of her adorable daughter, Charlotte. Except, is it her adorable daughter, or is it actually Gellar herself? That’s the question Gellar posed, because she and Charlotte look like straight-up twinsies.

We legit can’t tell the difference between seven-year-old Charlotte and Gellar when she was around the same age. It’s kind of blowing our minds.

Here’s the ridiculously cute picture Gellar posted today. Let us know if you can figure it out. She wrote, “#flashbackfriday better known as a game I like to play…is it me or my daughter?!?”

Is that cute kid Charlotte or mom Sarah Michelle Gellar? This might be the most important mystery of the week.

Gellar obviously loves that she and her daughter look super similar, because she gets to play with people’s minds. And we don’t blame her. She has posted about their similarities before.

Like this sweet picture of a tiny Gellar and her mom that she shared on Mother’s Day.

“Believe it or not, that is not me and my daughter, it is my mom and me,” she captioned the pic.

Since Gellar doesn’t post pictures of her kids faces very often, it’s probably safe to assume that the pic she posted is, in fact, not of her daughter. Also, based on the super ’80s dress the little girl was wearing, we’re going to stick with Gellar as our final answer. Unless, of course, Charlotte was playing dress up in her mom’s old clothes.

Either way, the kid is adorbs.

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