Sarah Michelle Gellar and Anthony Head just had an emotional Buffy-Giles Twitter reunion

Though she wasn’t always his easiest pupil on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sarah Michelle Gellar has no shortage of love for “Giles” — known in the real world as Anthony Stewart Head — 14 years after that formative series’ finale.

Monday, February 20th was Head’s 63rd birthday, and Gellar decided to kick off the festivities with a message to her old watcher sent from Los Angeles all the way to London.

“Happy Birthday from the Prinze family ??,” she wrote, clearly adding two heart emojis at the end instead of one because — and yes, feel free to fight us on this — Giles was always so much hotter and overall better than Angel, Spike, Riley, and (ugh) Xander combined, and deserves to be remembered as such.

She also added a GIF from that sad, dark time on Buffy when Head left the show to be closer to his family in London.

Head replied straight away, confirming that he misses his Buffy, too. He didn’t confirm whether or not he smells like the comforting mix of old books, lemons, and jasmine we always imagined, but that’s okay. We’ll just keep on guessing.

At one point, both Buffy and Giles were so overcome with nostalgia and emotion that they lost the ability to type full sentences.

But that’s okay — Buffy‘s infamous “Hush” episode didn’t have words either, and that ish still manages to haunt our waking nightmares.

Of course, the Buffy fandom was super on board with Gellar and Head’s conversation, words or nah.

Here’s to hoping Gellar and Head take their online snuggle-fest to the streets and have an actual reunion one of these years. (And of course, to hoping they invite Cordelia.)