Sarah Michelle Gellar and Lin-Manuel Miranda (finally!) met

In what may be the happiest #fangirl news we’ve heard in weeks, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Lin- Manuel Miranda met IRL! That’s right — Buffy and Hamilton, together at last!

For some context, the stars are known to be superfans of each other, with Gellar loving Hamilton, and Miranda being obsessed with Buffy (#respect). This culminated in a super adorable Twitter exchange earlier this year.

AKA, this:

Okay, we’re swooning all over again.

And the pair finally met at the LA premiere of Hamilton last night, and there’s real life, actual photo evidence to commemorate the momentous occasion. Check it out!

"It happened."

OMG look at Lin’s face you guys!!! He is ALL OF US getting to meet The Chosen One in that moment. And Gellar was equally smitten, posting the below awe-struck message on her Insta.

We love everything about this...especially the whole, "I'm also slightly obsessed with your mom" Lol.

It’s genuinely such a joy to see two people we’re so obsessed with being obsessed with each other. Because, at the risk of sounding super, ridiculously cliché, it reminds us that our favorite stars truly are just like us — fan freak outs and all.

Now, if Hollywood can figure out a way to get these two working together on an actual project, we’ll be really thrilled. Perhaps an animated flick? A buddy-cop comedy? Just two hours of us getting to watch them sit in chairs and read the phone book together? Seriously, whatever you two gods want to do, we’ll take.

Now excuse us while we go re-read their amazing social media exchanges for the next one to two hours. Because that’s how we roll.