Sarah Klass Jewelry is my total obsession

Like a magpie, I’m drawn to things that shine and sparkle. But unlike the stereotypical belief that all girls want to drape themselves in diamonds (or anything that could be considered “bling”), I’m much more into jewelry with an edge: rough-hewn stones, mixed metals that look worn instead of polished, witchy silhouettes, cheeky engravings, and any bauble that could be mistaken for a mood ring. Enter: Sarah Klass Jewelry. This Brooklyn-based designer pulls inspiration for her edgy-yet-gorgeous line of jewelry from “wood grains, maps, aerial photography, oil-slick designs, and cosmic images,” with a dose of whimsy for good measure. You’ll want one of everything — but I call dibs on the opal bracelet (it’s that mood ring thing, remember?).

Check out her goods here.

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