Sarah Jessica Parker’s Thanksgiving nightmare is the most relatable holiday-themed bad dream we’ve ever heard

Stars, you guys, they’re just like us! They also have crazy stress dreams around the holidays! Sarah Jessica Parker just gave an interview with bon appétit magazine in which she revealed a Holiday Stress Dream of Yore that we can ALL relate to.

Here’s the set-up. Her boyfriend’s family was coming over for the first time and she was cooking her first Thanksgiving meal. Okay SJP, take it away!

“I was so scared. I had never cooked a turkey in my life and I was really, really young and I remember having a dream the night before that I had only cooked a carcass. I pulled it out, revealed it, and it was a carcass.

Oh man, we have totally had those dreams where our holiday morphs into something dark and twisted. Thanksgiving, meet John Carpenter movie. The holidays are a stress machine and our subconscious does weirdo things with the anxiety it’s processing.

Sarah Jessica Parker assures bon appétit that she’s actually had “varying degrees of success cooking turkeys.” So her nightmare really is just that, a bad dream caused by stress and anxiety that is totally not going to actually happen in real life, yay!

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Probably just to be safe, though, SJP doesn’t tend to take turkey duty on Thanksgiving these days. And she doesn’t really need to. Girl has a mean Thanksgiving side dish game.

“I always cook baby peas with sour cream, salted butter, and grainy mustard. It’s crazy good. People love it and want to inject it into their bloodstream. It’s so easy. And then we put some fresh cracked pepper on top. Recently, I made up this dish: I love yams and sweet potatoes. I boil them and then I put them in a baking dish with olive oil, butter, lemon juice, and cayenne.

It’s probably not a bad idea to up your side dish game when the holidays come around. If nothing else, it’ll probably keep those freaky Thanksgiving dinner fail dreams far, far away.