Sarah Jessica Parker, Rachel Bloom, and a ton of other celebs bid farewell to the Obamas on the Golden Globes red carpet

The days of Barack and Michelle Obama in the White House are definitely limited. And, let’s face it — they did a pretty great job. That’s why celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and Rachel Bloom wanted to say goodbye to the Obamas in style. At the Golden Globes, they were asked if they had any parting words for the two, and they definitely did.

Besides Parker and Bloom, other celebrities like Amy Adams, Regina King, Judith Light, Felicity Huffman, Anna Chlumsky, Simone Biles, Chrissy Metz, and the lyricists and composer for La La Land decided to share their feelings.

Many of them noted that they hope that Michelle one day runs for the job herself — a dream of ours that’s been openly and sadly refuted, but will never be forgotten.

The video, which was compiled by Vanity Fair, is definitely quite sweet and hopeful.

Some of the sweetest sentiments came from Judith Light, known best for Who’s The Boss?, but currently acting on Amazon’s hit show Transparent.

"I only hope that the brilliant legacy that you created is something that stays in the hearts and minds and souls of all of us," Light said.

She definitely has a way with words!

We’re so glad that a lot of these celebrities got a chance to express how much the Obama presidency meant to them. Actress Issa Rae even noted that Michelle is personally quite inspiring to her.

In general, Anna Chlumsky from Veep summed it up perfectly:

"You are the greatest. We'll miss you. Don't go far."

We definitely agree. We hope that Barack and Michelle definitely find a way to keep in touch with us throughout these next few years.