Sarah Jessica Parker opens up about that epic “no-nudity clause” she’s had her entire career

“Sex and the City” was one of the first shows many ladies and gents our age first watched on HBO. We watched the four ladies have their fair share of relationships and while most of the actors didn’t mind showing a little (or a lot) of nudity here and there, Carrie was always covered.

Now, Sarah Jessica Parker dishes on her “no-nudity clause” in “Sex and the City” and why that’s the standard in all her work contracts.

For Parker, there was a reason we never saw her private parts in any of the six seasons or two movies of “Sex and the City” and while we’ve heard rumors for years that this was a clause in her contracts, she’s finally opened up about it.

“I’ve always had one, and it’s apropos of absolutely nothing, Parker says. “Some people have a perks list and they are legendary. They have to have white candles in their room. I don’t have a crazy list like that. I’ve just always had [a no-nudity clause].

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Now starring in another HBO show called “Divorce” which follows a married couple with kids and complications and in the middle of a breakup, a different role than in “Sex in the City,” but there’s one commonality: you won’t see her nude in this show either.

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“I don’t have any judgment about anyone who chooses to do it, she says. “I think it’s fantastic that people feel comfortable doing it. It’s not some kind of principled position or religious or ideological on my part.

According to Parker, there’s only been one time in her 30-plus decade career that it became an issue with a movie that included a sex scene. She tells The Hollywood Reporter that she won’t name which movie, but the actor said, “’I’m gonna be out of my clothing.’ I said, ‘Fantastic. That’s wonderful you feel comfortable doing it,’” Parker recalls, but she didn’t back down.

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We, of course, love when a woman holds her grounds to do something, or in this case not do something, she doesn’t feel comfortable with and applaud Parker for sticking with it!