Sarah Jessica Parker made a commuter train way more glamorous with a bunch of gorgeous shoes

While we’re waiting for Sex and the City to make a return to the big screen, SJP is giving us a bit of a glamorousness to enjoy. The actress and designer made an Amtrak train ride look a lot more chic than we’d ever imagine with sneak peeks of her shoes.

Sparkled and bedazzled out, Sarah Jessica Parker lined up her gorgeous shoes for her Instagram followers to see — and, needless to say, we all lost our minds. You can always count on SJP to leave a little shimmer behind everywhere she goes.

SJP showed her gorgeous shoe collection off on the commuter train!

Stunning, right?

Seriously…do you expect anything less from the glamazon? Because, we certainly don’t.

But, where was the real life Carrie Bradshaw headed — you ask? Well, according to her post, the commuter express was taking her to her shoe store just outside of the city. It sounds like the mom has a jam-packed schedule filled with sales team meetings, and possibly a little try-on sesh.

As for the shoes pictured, we certainly can’t wait to get our hands on them! We’re thinking off all of the dreamy outfits we can mix and match, and all of the magical events they’d be perfect for, now!