Sarah Jessica Parker’s latest job makes her way more like Carrie Bradshaw than ever before

As if Sarah Jessica Parker wasn’t a complete and utter badass already, The New York Times let us know that she’s now channeling her inner-Carrie Bradshaw by starting her own book imprint under the publishing group Hogarth, where she will serve as editorial director! Naturally, the imprint is titled SJP.

"I have always loved to read for the same reason I love to act, which is that other people’s stories are more interesting to me than my own," Parker said about her motivation.

In this exciting new role, Parker will “help to find, edit and publish three or four new novels a year.” Yeah, this is no small thing! Sounds like a seriously time-consuming job.

It’s also amusing how Parker’s life is mirroring her Sex and the City journey with this new venture into book editing. But having been hugely successful in the acting world, who could blame her for wanting to dive headfirst into something different?


The NYT article talks about how Parker comes from a literary background; her father was a journalist and her mother a nursery school teacher who loved to read. Apparently she would encourage her children to read novels and visit libraries, and it seems that Parker inherited this lifelong passion.

We wish Parker the very best of luck in this new endeavor, and hope that it brings a new sense of fulfillment and job satisfaction. Obviously we can’t wait to see which authors and books she gets behind!

H/T: Vulture