Sarah Jessica Parker chopped off her signature hair

Once in a blue moon, Sarah Jessica Parker hascut her hair above her collarbone. There was that one super short bob back in Season 4 of Sex and the City — but that’s pretty much the beginning and end of SJP’s short hair story. That is, until now.

Parker arrived on set of her upcoming filmUnfollow The Rules,with a platinum blonde bob, and the streets of New York City stood still. Is this really the same SJP? But she’s had her long, balayaged dark blonde hair for ever!

We kind of feel the way kids do when their dad shaves his beard for the first time during their young lives.

There’s no doubt about it — she looks stunning! The lighter blonde does wonders for her eyes, and the cut makes her hair look thick and healthy.

Some fans are theorizing that these paparazzi images might be capturing a potential last scene in Sex and the City 3. Perhaps Carrie Bradshaw, in a fit of upheaval, decides to drastically change her hair and buy that expensive dress she’s been eyeing in the window of a chic NYC boutique!

But if these shots are from a film shoot, does that mean that SJP’s new hair might be fake? Could she just be hiding her real locks under a wig?

We kind of hope not. This new look is really growing on us.

Sarah Jessica Parker certainly knows how to wow her fans! It takes guts to make a change like that, so we give her all the kudos New York City has to offer.