Sarah Jessica Parker looks like a literal angel from heaven in this flowy white dress

Sarah Jessica Parker has always been into fashion, but lately she’s been killing it in the style department. It was just a couple of months ago that we were wowed by her Valentino embellished plastic dress, not to mention her jaw-dropping white ensemble at the Met Gala! And yaaaaaas. SJP has just done it again.

At the ACE Awards in New York last night, Parker wore a sequined off-the-shoulder dress (so trendy!) and teal open-toe stilettos. Needless to say, she owned the red carpet.


Somehow, Parker manages to pull off a look of pure class and high-fashion, while still maintaining a casual and playful vibe.

Is it those spaghetti straps that are tied in cute little bows? Or that her shoes have a bow to match the straps? Or the fact that she’s channeling our inner-high school identities by wearing multiple necklaces and bracelets? Or the silver sequins on her dress? Or her blue eye makeup that matches her heels?

Or perhaps it’s simply her confidence leading the way, which would be fine with us.

At the event, Parker was given a special honor as ‘Brand Visionary,’ and when she stepped up to the podium, and extraordinary thing happened. The podium blended perfectly with her dress, and she literally looked angelic.


There aren’t many actresses who can pull off such a powerful, head-turning outfit, but Parker makes it happen. She’s living her best life at age 51, and that’s inspiring to all of us. Warning: obligatory throwback to Carrie Bradshaw and Sex and the City coming right up.

(And this is us giving SJP a virtual high-five for her awesome dress).

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