Sarah Hyland’s new musical theater inspired tattoo is badass

Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland has a sense of style that we can’t help but adore. She somehow manages to pull of the “chic yet edgy” vibe, and we love it. Part of her look involves a smattering of delicate tattoos all over her body. A little over a year ago, for example, she had body art expert Dr. Woo tattoo this lovely hummingbird behind her ear in celebration of her restraining order against an abusive ex.

As Sarah explained on her own Instagram,

Well, Sarah has added another tattoo to her collection. This time, it’s a quote from the musical hair, and it’s perfect:

Sarah captioned the shot:

Frankly, we’re impressed she managed to keep the tattoo hidden so long. Then again, its placement above her rib cage does provide for maximum coverage. Either way, we love the meaning behind this tattoo. We’re cheering you on, Sarah!

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