Sarah Hyland posted a hilarious photo any girl with tall friends can relate to

There are advantages to every height. While we celebrate every size, sometimes we all feel a little out of place. Like when you’re a short girl hanging out with your tall friends. And Modern Family star Sarah Hyland just posted an Instagram photo that’s a little too real for short girls.

With the simple caption “dinner with the Amazons,” Sarah has chronicled the struggle of short girls every where. Especially when it comes to Instagram. It can be hard to negotiate a photo with your tall friends. Where does everyone stand? How did you forget you were this short? So many questions!

All we can say is “same.”

All that matters is everyone looks beautiful and has a great sense of humor.

Because all you can do in these kinds of situations is laugh, right? It’s pretty funny that your friends are so much taller than you.

But what’s important is you all got each other. They can reach things up high for you, and you’re naturally better at limbo. We all have a certain set of skills in this life. Sarah’s are just more in Team Short Girl.

We super appreciate Sarah documenting this very real struggle.

We feel better knowing that we’re not the only ones who deal with this while hanging out with our friends. Knowing that Sarah has our backs (short or tall) makes this kind of hilarious situation even better. We’re not saying it won’t stop us from breaking out the high heels or getting on a stool next time someone takes a picture, but we appreciate it all the same!

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