Sarah Hyland dropped the perfect summer song with a new artist called Bo Talks, and we have it on repeat

The chillest summer jam just dropped, and it features a somewhat surprising voice: Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland. She posted a new song, “Know U Anymore,”  on Instagram, in which she shares the mic with a new artist called Bo Talks, and we can’t get it out of our heads.

Die-hard Hyland fans have been anticipating a career shift into music from the 26 year-old actress for a while, but this song may surprise people who don’t follow Hyland closely — which everyone should be doing.

After she tweeted, “You guys…. I think I want to do an album…. what say you?” in May, Hyland has evidently gotten to work making that dream come true. What an inspiration!

Hyland’s excitement about this single is clear in her Instagram announcement, and we’re so happy for her.

Check out the song if you haven’t already:

This foray into the music biz is a major step for Hyland, especially since Bo Talks — the main artist behind “Know U Anymore” — is signed with YouTube curator Proximity, a team that recently signed a label partnership with Geffen Records. And yeah, Geffen Records is the label founded by David Geffen (you might know him as the guy who signed Nirvana, Guns N’ Roses, and more).

The bottom line is: Bo Talks is probably about to blow up, and Sarah Hyland is smart to work with them.

She’s got beauty, she’s got brains, she’s got a killer voice, and she’s got amazing acting chops! What else is Sarah Hyland capable of? Probably a lot, and it will be exciting to see what she produces next.

We know that she does have an album in the works.

We can’t wait either, Sarah.

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