Sarah Hyland now has Sansa Stark hair, and it’s such a gorgeous look

We all tell a white lie from time to time. Nothing big or major, just little half-truths, like that we’re not going to get bangs when we get our next haircut, or that we didn’t eat the last cookie in the pantry (we are, and we totally did). And take Sarah Hyland, whose newest Instagram selfie reveals that she wasn’t being completely honest when she said she wasn’t the Seelie Queen. Turns out she totally is, and her Sansa Stark red hair is part of her role, not to mention our newest obsession.

In the selfie, we see the actress with flowing red hair. With a deep, chocolate brown color woven in and plenty of braids throughout, Sarah looks like a character from Game of Thrones. The fact her face is covered in gold leafing doesn’t hurt, either. We think Sansa Stark could take a style cue from Sarah.

Not only is this quite literally a look, but the character Sarah transformed into is pretty noteworthy too. Sarah will be playing the Seelie Queen, or Queen of the faeries, on Shadowhunters, a show about angel-human hybrids that hunt demons. Did we mention that as a Seelie she can travel between dimensions?

No big deal, just another day for Sarah. Queen of the faeries, queen of our hearts. Queen of inspiring our next hair journey, from this dimension to the next.

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