Sarah Hyland could be about to make a huge career change

We didn’t realize that we needed this until, like, this very moment, but Sarah Hyland has been working on an album, and sign us up because we are READY.

Now, we know that Hyland has a spectacular voice. The Modern Family star has shared a couple of covers on social media previously, one of her singing the Chainsmoker’s monster hit “Closer,” and another with her nailing this Maroon 5’s bop “Don’t Wanna Know.” For some reason, however, we hadn’t really thought about the fact that the actor could be working on her own music, but that could all be about to change.

Heading on to Twitter, Sarah Hyland said that she was thinking about doing an album, and ask her fans what they thought about the whole thing.

“You guys…. I think I want to do an album…. what say you?” she asked.

Of course, fans were pretty keen on the idea. false false

Hyland then proceeded to share some lyrics from one potential song, and they’re actually rather special.

We’re actually getting serious Selena Gomez/Taylor Swift vibes from these lyrics, and we’re into it.

If that wasn’t enough teasing, however, Hyland then informed her followers that she’d recorded over 50 songs already!

“I have 52 songs done/halfway done. ,” she teased.

Okay, we are *so* ready for this. While we love Sarah Hyland’s acting in Modern Family, and we’re huge fans of her other projects, we’re also super curious to see what her music could sound like. Also, who doesn’t love a triple threat? C’mon, girl!

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