Sarah Hyland just debuted cinnamon brown hair, and we think this will be THE color for fall

We love a girl who’s not afraid to totally change up her look, which is why we are actually obsessed with Sarah Hyland’s new cinnamon dark chocolate brown hair — which her hairstylist just debuted on Instagram.

The Modern Family actress pulls off literally every single look she tries out, from a gorgeous dark goth bob to her recent Sansa Stark-inspired red waves. Sarah has had a slew of different looks over the years, but this one is reportedly for a role. hinted that it’s for Modern Family, which was renewed for two more seasons back in May.

As of late, Sarah had been rocking sunny platinum blonde hair for summer, but her stylist, Nikki Lee, assisted her with the change, and we absolutely love it.

The Los Angeles-based hair maven told the Us website that she gave Sarah the color and length she was after using extensions for the final look. And it certainly seems like Sarah is one of her favorite clients, with Nikki revealing, “What I love about Sarah is she’s never afraid of a big change! Most people want to take baby steps to get to the end result, but Sarah’s all or nothing. She wanted a dark red brown and that’s what she got.”

As for the inspiration behind the hair switch-up, Lee played coy, simply revealing: “Sarah wanted to establish a new look for some upcoming filming.”

Sarah hasn’t shared a picture of her new look to her account just yet, but we’re sure she will soon, and we can’t wait to see it. It’s only August, but this cinnamon chocolate look is the fall hair inspo we didn’t even know we needed. #flawless

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