Sarah Hyland’s Curly Hair Pic Reminds Her of a ‘Harry Potter’ Character

Slap on a bushy beard, and they're twins.

Although we often wish we had Luna Lovegood’s icy blonde curls or Ginny Weasley’s striking red hair, we don’t often fantasize about channeling our inner Rubeus Hagrid when it comes to Harry Potter hair inspo. Don’t get us wrong—we’d love to steal Hagrid’s contagious belly laugh or his ability to engulf people in enormous hugs, but his untamed hair? We’re gonna pass. However, Sarah Hyland recently shared a picture where she calls herself “Rubeus Hagrid’s daughter,” and we have to admit: We see it! But Hyland, of course, still looks amazing.

On September 28th, the Modern Family alum posted a selfie to Instagram where she’s wide-eyed in a colorful robe and her hair is super poofy after brushing it out.

Hyland captioned the post, Rubeus Hagrid’s daughter ✨ *This is what happens when you brush #curlyhair.

Although the texture of Hyland’s hair does remind us of the Hogwarts gamekeeper, it still looks far cleaner than his. Remember when Olympe Maxime picked food out of Hagrid’s hair (and ate it) in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire? We don’t see Hyland’s fiancé Wells finding any stray crumbs in her hair any time soon. However, we appreciate the Potterhead reference.

Hyland has experimented with multiple hair colors during quarantine, like her Ariel-inspired red and her current color: a subdued auburn that matches Lucy Hale’s new ‘do. As always, we love Hyland’s candor and humor on social media. Maybe she just found her 2020 Halloween costume? Slap on a beard and she’d be good to go.

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