Sarah Hyland is experiencing a “gluteus maximum situation” and it just got caught on camera

Being famous means that cameras are always following you around, but that doesn’t mean that celebs ever get used it. For Sarah Hyland, the paparazzi are always on hand — but occasionally they still snap some great pictures. Take the shot Sarah posted to Instagram, in which she’s dealing with a major butt cramp. Yea, those are real.

The picture shows Hyland, who recently talked body confidence with Shape, walking in a burnt orange maxi dress and looking like she’s might be calling out to a friend.

But there was more going in on the picture, according to her Instagram post. Hyland captioned the photo, “When you’re walking back to your car, get a cramp in your ass and think no one’s around to see you whimper in pain but nope it’s caught on camera forever.”

At least she’ll never forget that very special butt cramp.

But Hyland is all about standing up to shamers and staying body-positive. Earlier this month, she reposted a picture of herself walking, with her hair blowing in the wind. For that one, she added the caption, “When you just bought new glasses and you’re feelin good about yourself so you do a hair flip and then realize a day later you looked like this…. ? #notlikethemovies.”

Here she is working through the butt cramp.

And her hair flip…

Seriously! Imagine if you had people taking pictures of you all. The. Time. It would be totally awkward. Which is why Hyland’s Instagram posts are so on point. So many of us look at paparazzi photos of celebrities out and about doing their thing and admire their hair, their fashion, and, yes, their bodies. It’s hard not to sometimes. But websites and magazines have hundreds of images of a celebrity to choose from and pick the best one. There are tons of other images, like the ones Hyland posted, when they’re having a bad hair moment or are caught mid-butt cramp.

And this wasn’t just an isolated butt cramp — this is a whole “gluteus maximus situation.”

Poor Sarah! At least she still looks pretty glam in her get up.

The next time you catch yourself wondering about a celebrity’s “perfect” hair, or hear someone judging a celeb for their grocery shopping lewk, remember that it’s not easy being followed by cameras all the time. Especially if you have a cramp.

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