Sarah Hyland looked like a beautiful tropical fish at the “Finding Dory” premiere

Last night, Disney and Pixar unveiled their next amazing movie, Finding Dory. We won’t get to see it for another week — June 17th! — but the stars hit the red blue carpet last to check it out. One of them happened to be Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland, and it’s not a stretch to say that she literally looked like a beautiful tropical fish at the premiere, just like Dory.

We might even go so far as to call her a beautiful land mermaid. And those are all the Leslie Knope aquatic-themed compliments.


There’s so much to love here, Sarah included. Her skirt has ALL the colors of the rainbow of it, and we need to know where we can snag it ourself. Not like we have a big, splashy Finding Dory event to attend, but it’d be nice to pretend that we do.


Also, please note that there are BUBBLES. There are BUBBLES ON THE BLUE CARPET, making this whole thing even more magical.

While Sarah doesn’t voice a character in the movie, other members of her Family do. Ed O’Neil (her Modern Family grandfather) voices Hank, while Ty Burrell (her Modern Family dad) voices Bailey.


We’re now even more excited to check out Finding Dory. And also to try copying Sarah’s look for summer.


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