Sarah Hyland Is a Real-Life Disney Princess With Her Curly Copper-Colored Hair

Merida, is that you?

Sarah Hyland has absolutely gorgeous curly hair. The Modern Family star has especially let her natural curls shine through lately, and now she’s added extensions to make her mane even more impressive.

Hyland took to Instagram on June 17th to show off her longer locks, writing, “Ok. Stay with me. Merida dressed up as Tarzan.” All we can say is yes to this. She totally has all the Disney princess vibes here and pulls off the Merida from Brave look. As for the Tarzan twist? We dig it.

Back in February, Hyland got “bored” and dyed her hair this copper color that she’s still rocking. She said at the time that she was tapping into her Scottish and Irish roots, so *now* she’s got the massive combo of Scotland, Ireland, and Disney. There’s a lot going on, and somehow it all works.

She credited extension specialist Violet Teriti for her longer length and Nikki Lee and Riawna Capri’s 901 Salon for the flawless color touch-up. The celebrity-loved salon has had their fingers in all the hair in Hollywood, from stars like Emma Roberts and Hilary Duff to Kristen Stewart and Ashlee Simpson.

Hyland changes her hair up frequently, and while much of her time on TV has been with sleek, dark hair, we’re loving these coppery curls. In fact, it seems like copper is catching on as the It color right now. We picked it as a big color for 2021—thanks, in part, to Anya Taylor-Joy’s Queen’s Gambit style—and it’s definitely catching on. Recently Simone Biles joined in on the color trend, too, doing a bit of copper dip dye.

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