Sarah Hyland clapped back so hard when paparazzi tried to get her to trash talk Ariel Winter

Modern Family star Sarah Hyland has no time for paparazzi stirring up drama with her costars. The cast of Modern Family is notoriously tight both on screen and in real life, but it appears some photographers at an airport tried to get Hyland to say some *seriously* unkind things about co-star and TV sister, Ariel Winter.

But it turns out, even TV blood is thicker than water. Hyland took to Twitter to call out the ridiculousness of the paparazzi, tweeting, “Paps at the airport trying to get me to talk s— about my girl @arielwinter1. Y’all digging for something you’re never gonna get.”

Winter was feeling the love, tweeting back heart emojis, and a simple “love you.”

This unnecessary drama *almost* overshadowed the amazing news that Modern Family was picked up for a whopping two more seasons at ABC, meaning the show will definitely run at least ten seasons. The show, which began its run in 2009, meaning the kids on the series have literally grown up before our eyes.

As she’s grown up, Winter has faced a *ton* of unnecessary scrutiny over her body and style decisions. Recently, Winter appeared with the cast of Modern Family at an ATAS Event, wearing a stunning gold minidress. Despite looking stunning, Winter was criticized and body-shamed online by trolls for looking overdressed. Clapping back, Winter wrote a post on Instagram defending her decision to wear the dress, writing, “As long as you feel good about yourself that’s what matters. I know I did.” Co-star Eric Stonestreet commented a positive message and joke in support.

Last year, Hyland praised Winter for how she’s grown up in the public eye, specifically embracing her curves.

"I'm proud that she's so accepting of her body," said Hyland told Entertainment Tonight. "I mean, Ariel is like my little sister, so I love her so, so much. I think she's beautiful inside and out."

After eight years, it’s time for paparazzi to learn that *nothing* will break the bond the cast of Modern Family has.

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