Sarah Hyland tried to dress as Emma Watson’s Belle and the result is hilarious

Who hasn’t dressed up as a Disney princess at least once in their life? Even if you’re a dude, we can pretty much guarantee if you have older sisters or cousins they dressed you up as Cinderella at least once and will whip out the photos for your graduation and/or wedding. And probably a solid 75% of little girls grew up with at least one costume for Halloween or from the Disney store that made you feel ~magical~. Recently there’s been a trend toward reimagining the Disney princesses in a more relatable, modern way. (Well, really, people are reimagining the Disney princesses in every possible way, but the modern thing DID happen.)

Sarah Hyland from Modern Family did her own reimagining, and tried to dress like Belle from Beauty and the Beast. And we super relate to the expression on her face in these comparison pics.

This is basically us any time we get dressed and feel super fancy like a movie star and then step in front of a mirror… and was also definitely us when we were eight and wore a super slick princess dress only to realize the Barbie Dream Hair and Disney princess face didn’t automatically appear along with it.


Still, we totally love Sarah Hyland’s Belle-inspired look, and think it’s maaaaybe the best idea ever to covertly cosplay your favorite characters in your day to day life. How badass would you feel in an outfit inspired by your favorite heroine, but low key, so only you know? Yeah, pretty badass, we know.

Kudos to Sarah Hyland for the greeeeat idea and hilarious pic!

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