This 26-year-old with a rare skin disorder is sharing beautiful photos and a body-positive message

When she was just 10 years old, Sara Geurts was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition. The disorder is known as Dermatosparaxis Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS). It slows down collagen production, which results in fragile skin with a wrinkled appearance at an early age. EDS also causes severe joint pain and brittle bones.

After receiving her diagnosis at age 10, Geurts almost gave up on her dream of becoming a model. At first, she struggled with self-acceptance. But then, she grew to love her body in her early 20s.

Now, Geurts hopes to challenge the status quo.

In 2015, Geurts submitted her story to the Love Your Lines campaign. The project praises skin imperfections. Individuals submit a picture and a story. The #LoveYourLines campaign accepted and published Geurts’ story. And it got over 20,000 notes. As a result, Geurts’ life changed.

"[My story] wasn't only about me," she told POPSUGAR. "[It] was about the millions of other individuals out there struggling with their own mindsets and body image."

She writes in a piece published on the Mighty: 

"I felt like a whole new person. I couldn’t understand how I had hated myself, my body and my disorder for so long. With every opportunity I noticed my strength, growth and transformed perspective."

Geurts now lives in Los Angeles. Furthermore, she will soon appear on the cover of Volition magazine.

 She shares inspiring messages on social media.

"My goal is to shed light on the unhealthy mindsets we currently have within the fashion and modeling industry today," she writes in the Mighty. "I believe the scars and discrepancies we have are reminders to the world of what we have been through as individuals. We should not be urged to 'cover them up' or 'remove them' but instead glorify them!"

In conclusion, if you’re interested in following Geurts’ amazing journey, follow her on Facebook or Instagram. She shows photos from her modeling career and shares encouraging words.

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