“Lady Bird’s” success has *really* gone to Saoirse Ronan’s head in this “Saturday Night Live” promo

If you haven’t had a chance to see Lady Bird yet, first of all, drop whatever you’re doing and go see it. It’s amazing. And secondly, you can catch star Saoirse Ronan hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend. She’s surely busy prepping for Saturday’s show, but did carve out a little time to gift us some laughs in a new Christmas-themed promo that pokes fun at her rising stardom.

The teaser shows Saoirse Ronan taking in the holiday hustle and bustle of Rockefeller Center alongside SNL cast member Cecily Strong.

The people gathered there, Ronan assumes, must be there for her. Strong does her best to gently correct the young actress, but ultimately there’s no convincing her that “Santa’s little helpers” haven’t showed up to celebrate their Saoirse superfandom. (They’re really there for Wednesday night’s Christmas tree lighting.)


The promo’s hilarious and all, but honestly if the tourists in Rockefeller Center had gone there to see Saoirse Ronan, we wouldn’t be totally shocked.

The woman is a powerhouse actress and household name in the making. After earning a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination for Atonement in 2008 and a Best Actress nomination in 2016 for Brooklyn, plus a long list of other memorable performances — including her turn as Lady Bird‘s lead — she’s definitely earned all the hype.

Ronan may have some untapped comedy chops, too, judging by her commitment to the promo and the charming humor she shows off in Lady Bird. So we’re extra excited to see what’s in store for Saturday’s show, which will feature U2 as the musical guest.

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