‘The Santa Clause’ recut as a horror movie is so unbelievably convincing

No matter how many times we’ve watched The Santa Clause, it never fails to leave us with anything but warm, fuzzy feelings — until now. In an eerily recut trailer of our fave Christmas film, someone decided to repackage The Santa Clause as a horror movie and all we can say is zoinks (!) because it’s actually creepy AF.

And by creepy, we don’t mean in a magical, Tim Burton-esque The Nightmare Before Christmas type of creepy film that we could watch alone in the dark. We’re talking about the disturbing, psychotic-thriller creepiness that erases the cute kid from The Santa Clause from your memory because the hairs on your forearm are standing up and making you want to hide under a blanket with a nightlight.

First off, we will admit that the premise of The Santa Clause is kind of horrifying: A grumpy non-Santa believer accidentally kills Santa and then takes over his job. That’s just cold-blooded even if murderer dad didn’t want the gig. Somehow, we’ve managed to completely gloss over this little oopsie of a homicide all because we couldn’t see past the holiday feels.

Then comes this trailer, which describes the new plot as follows:

"Tim Allen's mental breakdown brings him to believe he is the real Santa Claus. His madness persuades his son Charlie which causes turmoil amongst the family."

Erm, that’s kinda sorta the same as the original, only here’s a minute-and-a-half worth of footage that proves they’re totally not the same. AT ALL.



Brilliant, but we’ll never be able to look Kris Kringle in the eye again without cringing.