The full-length trailer for “The Santa Clarita Diet” is here, and this is hands down our new favorite Netflix show

Over the last few years, Netflix has given us a lot of television shows to be thankful for – especially ones with strong, female leads! We’ve got all the ladies of Orange is the New Black, the fearless Kimmy Schmidt, the kickass Jessica Jones, and let’s go ahead and throw the powerful Claire Underwood in there, too. So many great ladies, and now another one is joining the ranks: Zombie Drew Barrymore. 

First up, how could anyone NOT love Zombie Drew Barrymore? There is literally so much to love here, even if she is like half dead/half alive. And second, how could we not love Zombie Drew Barrymore going about her daily life as if nothing is wrong, but oh yeah, she’s EATING PEOPLE?

We never knew how much we needed Zombie Drew Barrymore in our lives until this very second. The first-full length trailer for The Santa Clarita Diet confirms this.

Drew stars as Sheila, a realtor in Santa Clarita, California who, uh, dies. How, when, and why that happens still remains to be seen, but suddenly, she’s eating raw meat and her husband, Joel (played by Timothy Olyphant), is like, “um, honey are you okay?”

"I do like the way that I feel," Sheila proclaims about her new undead state. "I have endless energy, and I sleep two hours a night. I get so much done!" "You eat people," her husband can't help but remind her. "I know, it's just that I'm so much more confident! I can parallel park in one move now!"

TBH, this doesn’t sound like such a bad diet, because parallel parking is HARD. But eating people? Maybe right now we’ll leave that to Drew. Also because it looks like she’s starts MURDERING people to eat them, and that’s just not a path we’re willing to go down right now, even for the parallel parking.

So go ahead and mark this on your calendars: The Santa Clarita Diet hits Netflix on February 3rd.